Get Outstanding Fuel Economy and Versatility When You Buy an Agchief Tractor for Sale from Australia’s Tractors North

If you are in the market for a tractor that offers superb fuel economy, environment friendliness, intuitive usability, and overall versatility, then look no further than Agchief Tractors. Agchief builds a small range of powerful tractors that are suitable for a wide range of working environments. At Tractors North, we stock three Agchief models: the FMD-404, the FMD-554, and the FMD-704. All three models can rival the top tractors from any other brand. We have detailed brochures about each of these three models.

Features to Expect from Agchief Tractors

As one of the top suppliers of Agchief tractors in Australia, Tractors North is the perfect place to learn more about these models and their various attractive features. Here are a few of the factors that should earn an Agchief tractor a spot on your farm’s equipment shopping list:

  • Electronically controlled diesel engine: All FMD B-Series wheeled tractors from Agchief are outfitted with Tier 3 Emissions diesel engines. These engines are at the cutting edge for both fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability. With an electronically controlled system, the Tier 3 Emissions engine minimises fuel waste—giving Agchief tractors top-of-class fuel economy.
  • User friendly design: One of the biggest reasons to look for an Agchief tractor for sale is sheer usability. The designers of these tractors have worked tirelessly to make user-friendliness a priority in almost every area. The placement of the gear shift makes it easier to control the tractor and get it to do what you want and go where you want it to go. The dashboard is easy to read and comes with a full lighting system, for safer and smarter operation in low light conditions. The ratomolding fuel tank is ideally placed for easy access and filling. Pain points or irritations that exist with your current tractor will no longer plague you if you choose to upgrade to an Agchief model.
  • Terrific longevity: Another priority among the Agchief team was to design and build tractors that could stand the test of time. Reliability is the name of the game with the FMD series tractors, from the mentioned fuel tank control system to the seals and bearings throughout the tractor. Spray plastic technology characterises each weldment, minimising the risk of corrosion and ensuring longer-term durability. The tractor will even continue to look great for longer, thanks to Agchief’s reliance on car paint technology for the exterior cover parts.

The power and reliability of Agchief tractors make them ideal for a range of uses, from small home farming tasks to more extensive operations.

Find Agchief Tractors for Sale in Australia

If you are looking for Agchief tractors for sale, then Australia’s Tractors North is the place to shop and buy. If you have any questions about the FMD series models we stock, or about the Agchief brand in general, feel free to reach out to us directly. You can contact us by dialling (07) 55345706.