Farming in Record Time with Compact Tractors for Sale in Australia

If anything, the climate in Australia is difficult to describe in a nutshell. Western and South Australia are both dominated by a desert-like climate, while much of the area around these two states consists of grassland. Only parts of New South Wales and Tasmania enjoy a temperate climate and somewhat dependable weather. This makes it a challenge for a farmer like you to do their job. When should you plough, sow, or harvest? Often, you need to spend more time listening to the weather forecast than working on your land.

Because the Australian climate is so profoundly influenced by ocean currents, correlating with extended periods of drought or rain producing cyclones, you sometimes must wait until the last minute to start work. Then, suddenly, adverse weather which has ruled for weeks, turns. Now it's the right time plough. This is the day to sow seeds or to plant bulbs or tubers! Harvest time, you write in red on your calendar. You have the necessary workers, but realise you're short on the required equipment.

Time to Find Compact Tractors for Sale

In general, big tractors are specialised machines. Even though you can equip them with specific implements, you can only do so much with them. On monoculture farms, they may shine, but many farmers nowadays revert to more diversity. Since this prevents over-exploitation, it’s better for the environment, reduces susceptibility to disease, and increases yields.

For efficient farming, consider our compact tractors for sale in Australia. At Tractors North, we have a vast range of highly-efficient, easy to operate, manoeuvrable and versatile compact tractors. As we offer both used and new compact tractors for sale, the prices are well affordable. Don't hesitate to look through this site, in particular, the weekly specials. These often include Ag Chief tractors and Kubota tractors which are among the best of the world.

No fear for second hand

Perhaps the mention of second hand tractors makes your hackles rise. After all, how confident can you be that a former owner treated the machine well? If the tractor is so good, why did he part with it? It stands to reason that when we consider acquiring a vehicle for you, we thoroughly check it first. We take a good look at the exterior (bent or twisted metal may indicate an accident), the interior (was the oil changed regularly), the tyres (worn tyres are expensive to replace), and even the farm and its tractor fleet (if both make a good impression, the used tractor will probably be fine too).

Older models often have a simpler design and are easier to repair than the new ones. A new tractor usually has practical functions, is more comfortable or even luxurious. Whichever you want to buy, you can rely on us to deliver high quality at an affordable price. You may not be prepared for the weather in Australia to change, but when it does, buying one of our compact tractors in Australia will have you prepared to till, sew, mow, or harvest in record time.