Eco-Friendly Compact Tractors for sale in QLD and NSW

Thanks to social media, many people take up farming as a hobby or a means to be self-sufficient in our present-day consumer-oriented society. Indeed! Working the land, just like our ancestors did, is highly rewarding. Preparing the soil, planting seeds, caring for the plants, and harvesting them can be relaxing and is even known to have therapeutic effects.

If you are the owner of a humble kitchen garden of no more than a few square metres, it's easy to keep the work under control. But what if you've acquired a much larger area? Perhaps you've not just bought a house with a substantial garden, but a vineyard, an apple orchard, or a forest plot as well? After a while, you may conclude that you've grossly underestimated the work involved.

Compact Tractors in NSW or QLD for Hobby Farms

If browsing the Internet suggests you purchase one of our compact tractors in NSW or QLD, don't immediately shake your head at the thought of a giant unwieldy machine. At Tractors North, we understand that you consider the garden your hobby, that herbicides and pesticides are a no-no, and that manpower should prevail over machines. Since a few years, however, manufacturers such as Ag Chief and Kubota are already producing models that are friendly for the environment. Kabuto is a Japanese company, but their tractors are manufactured in Europe, where strict standards exist for the production of low emission vehicles.

Consider our compact tractors for sale in NSW or QLD to aid you in your gardening work. Thanks to their size, they consume only a fraction of fuel which big tractors need while still offering outstanding performance.

Count the Other Benefits

You may yet believe that even a compact tractor would cost you a fortune, but some of the compact tractors offered for sale in QLD or NSW cost less than $10,000, the price of a small car. Additionally, our broker CreditOne is known worldwide as a reliable party with a flexible credit card system and optimal customer service.

Our compact tractors in QLD and NSW are excellent for smaller farmland areas. Polyculture is no problem for them since they are easy to adapt. Due to their reduced weight, manoeuvring them goes swiftly and smoothly. Just like the big models, they come equipped with practical functions. ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) allows your compact tractor to pass under low obstructions easily, and to fold and fit into a small space for storage quickly. Make use of the PTO-system to take power from the running engine, and the four-wheel drive to ensure high performance on varying terrain.

If you have a relatively small area to farm, a big tractor wouldn't be practical. With a compact tractor at your command, however, you can quickly respond to any intensive work that requires doing, and since our compact tractors don't consume a lot of fuel, you can keep your head high, feeling you are working efficiently but nonetheless contributing to the environment.