A Wide Choice of New Tractors for Sale for Brisbane Farmers

If you are browsing the Internet, hoping to find excellent new tractors for sale in the Brisbane area, you've come to the right place. At Tractors North, we offer tractors from trustworthy brands, such as New Holland, John Deere, TYM, and especially Ag Chief and Kubota (a high-quality worldwide favourite for foresters, small farmers, and big industrials).

All these companies invest yearly in the development of new techniques. With pride, they present progressive and surprising innovations, all for the increased comfort and efficiency of the user. At the same time, they aim at maintaining an affordable price. Since working the earth with a polluting machine would be counterproductive, eco-friendliness too is essential to them.

At Tractors North, we too are proud to offer these tractors for sale to Brisbane farmers and foresters. Look at our Weekly Specials page for offers on both used and new tractors, or admire the nifty functions of the latest models, built to cover every possible farming or foresting need you might have.

More than just new tractors in Brisbane

Equip your newly acquired medium or large machine with a mower, a fertiliser spreader, a hay & fork, a carryall, a slasher, or other implement for increased efficiency. Do not hesitate to consult our Tractor Implements page to see the many accessories available for new tractors. You are also welcome to visit our showroom which is in Currumbin, Gold Coast. It's only an hour's drive away from Brisbane. When you meet us face to face, you will find that our enthusiasm for tractors doesn't limit itself to just our website.

As a family-owned and operated business, we have been active in the farming and tractor sector for more than ten years, so we know ample tricks to run your farm or to preserve your forest efficiently. It's our pleasure to provide a solution to any problems which new (and even experienced) farmers or foresters may encounter.

Allow us to demonstrate the bigger models, equipped with a front-end loader or a grader blade. Or let us show you our compact models up to approximately 45 HP. These are little gems of flexibility and manoeuvrability, but competitively priced. For both small farmers and commercial companies, these smaller tractors offer invaluable help.

Excellent After-Sale Service

Are terms such as ROPS, dual-speed PTO, power steer, inter-cooled turbo diesel and automatic 4WD still new to you? Not only do we supply excellent advice before you buy, but we also set up your machine and even provide training. Learning to use a modern tractor can be a bit confusing, but you'll find out that the training is well worth the little bit of time invested.

Should the unthinkable happen and your brand-new tractor breaks down after only a few weeks of servicing, let us know. We'll exert ourselves to repair it quickly and return it to you as good as new. After-sales service is a key feature of our business. Count on our backup service and warranty.