Small Acreage Farms Should Consider These New Tractors for Sale in Bundaberg

Small acreage and lifestyle farmers face a unique set of challenges when it comes to buying equipment for taking care of a small but still sizeable growing operation. You’ve probably found that many of the options more widely available are more suited for commercial farms and agribusiness than for hobbyists and those with traditional small-scale farms. Oversized equipment and impersonal service plague these encounters, and it can be challenging to find the service you expect in an industry where big business is the norm.

Tractors North is changing the face of farm equipment sales. As a family owned and operated business, we’re farmers ourselves, familiar with the rich history of hobby farming in Australia and the way of life that goes along with it. We’ve tried to pair this friendly and down-to-earth spirit with top-notch modern machines, bringing you high quality imports to fit a variety of needs across farms great and small. From new tractors to additional implements, carryalls, rippers, and more, you’ll find what you need at Tractors North.

The New Tractors Taking over Bundaberg

We put a lot of care into selecting the range of new and used tractors we’ve stocked this year. With over 300 units moving through our warehouse each year, we see every kind of tractor imaginable. Over the years we’ve learned what to look for regarding quality, reliability, and price. Thus, whether you’re looking for new tractors for sale in Bundaberg, or are willing to buy used, we’ll find the right product for you.

Price can be a limiting factor for smaller farms which is why we emphasize sourcing used machines as well. If you came here thinking you needed something brand new, that might not be the case. A well-cared-for used tractor can be just as dependable - especially with our personal and detailed service plan behind it. See our small tractor offerings here and compare both the new and used machines we have available right now.

More than Tractors for Sale in Bundaberg

Need other equipment or implements to go with your tractor? We can provide that too. Once you’ve found the perfect tractor, consider the implements we have for sale to make sure you’re all set to go when your new machine arrives. With our teams’ extensive knowledge of farming and farm machinery, we’ll help you get the right add-ons and parts to get any job done on any farm.

The small acreage farm is an increasingly rare way of life. We want to help you preserve it. With big agribusiness taking over so much of the industry, we’re pushing back in what small ways we can - continuing to provide farm equipment for small farmers, maintaining a personal and direct business model, and prioritizing quality service over the volume of sales. Help us keep this culture alive in Bundaberg by making sure you have the equipment to succeed and buying from the Tractors North family. Together, we’ll keep small farming alive in Bundaberg and beyond.