Elements to Consider when Looking for New Tractors for Sale in NSW or QLD

When you are looking for new tractors for sale in NSW or QLD, there are a few things you should always keep in mind, especially if the purchase you're about to make is your first one.

To begin with, consider the kind of work you need to do with your tractor. Tractors are highly practical for the mining industry, and for construction or infrastructure purposes. Most people, however, will imagine a piece of farmland when they're thinking of tractors. At Tractors North, we offer excellent machines for agricultural use. We invite you to look at the many used and new tractors we offer in QLD and NSW. Should you, however, feel a bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities, then read on.

New Tractors for QLD or NSW Small and Large Acreage Farmers

If you want to use your tractor in agriculture, how big is the area to be worked? For a relatively small farm, a sub-compact or compact tractor with some nifty automatic functions may be the obvious choice. But this doesn't have to mean that you should only buy big tractors if you have a large piece of land. An area for polyculture may be easier to tend if you equip larger tractors with specific implements.

To get the required versatility in your search for new tractors for sale in QLD or NSW, without losing sight of the overall picture, Tractors North is at your side. We have more than ten years of experience to share with you. If you have specific questions, contact us without hesitation or visit us at our showroom in Currumbin, QLD. If you are still relatively new in this line of work and need some advice or training, we'll be glad to help you.

Automatic Functions and Tyre Dimensions

Many tractors nowadays come equipped with a vast array of functions. Do you really need an autoshift transmission, auto PTO (power take-off), four-wheel drive, or a smoother joystick control for a frontend loader? Don't dismiss all these options just because well-meaning friends tell you these are useless. Never forget that there is no one-size-fits-all. Depending on whether you will be using your tractor for ploughing, tilling, disking, harrowing, or planting, you may find out that some of these modern functions are invaluable to you.

Next comes the question of tyres. You always hear that the larger and wider the tyres, the better, but this certainly isn't true. The terrain you are working, or more precisely, the hardness of the soil, makes the difference. Don't ask someone who has experience with only one piece of land.

Consider your options

The same applies for the question whether to choose a more comfortable or even luxurious model of tractor. Colleagues may tell you a farmer should be rough and tough, but why shouldn't you do farming work—which is in essence quite hard—in a comfortable cab? Consider that if you are tired after a few hours of intensive tilling or harvesting, and still have a lot of other work to do, you won't work as efficiently.

Especially in the agricultural business, you’ll get a lot of advice. Listen to all of them, but when it comes down to deciding on buying new tractors in NSW or QLD, rely on the experience and after-sale service of someone dependable.