NEW 70HP 4 in 1

$34,200 $36,500

The new 2017 Model Agchief has finally arrived. After many man hours and engine hours the new Agchief tractor range is here. The Agchief brand has been around since 2008 however this new model has far more features, far more power and is certainly more rugged than ever before.

  • You can see the quality from the outside but the Agchief boasts more internal features than ever before. Most advanced is the new Tier 3 Euro emissions turbo diesel engine, which is electronically control by the engine ecu. More power and far better fuel efficiency will be noticed compared to previous models. The drive train has also had a few upgrades. It now features a 12 speed box instead of the 8 speed, has shuttle shift and dual stage clutch. The brakes have also had upgrades and the handbrake system is far superior than previous models. They still have all the old features, such as power steer, shuttle shift certified ROPS, fully equipped lighting system, 4WD and much more. The new front end loader has a single joystick control for ease of operation. Large 4 in 1 Euro hitch bucket to make all your jobs much easier around the property.
  • If you are in the market for a new tractor be sure to check the Agchief range out. They come in 40 HP, 55HP and 70HP, all have a 2 year full parts and labour warranty and are priced to sell starting from $19,000 Inc GST.
  • Give the guys a call at Tractors North, they deliver Australia wide.


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