TYM 503

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TYM T503, Powered by 50hp Perkins naturally aspirated 4 cylinder water-cooled Diesel engine

  • Perkins Diesel is a global engine manufacturer of quality, giving you the confidence in relaibility and after-sales support
  • Engine certified to meet the stringent Tier III engine and noise emission standards
  • 2216cc engine with 142.7Nm of torque at 1800rpm
  • A generous engine capacity of 2216cc, resulting in high torque for serious work
  • Dual dry element air cleaner for Australia's dusty conditions
  • A large capacity 60 litre fuel tank for many working hours between refueling
  • Sychro Shuttle with lever on left side under the steering wheel ideal for front end loader operation
  • 16 transmission speeds available between 0.6-30 KM/H
  • 4 speed main gear lever
  • 4 ranges with creeper reduction speeds
  • TYM T503 Front Axle
  • The heavy duty front axle performs in tough working conditions and handles loads with ease
  • A long wheel base and wide stance increases stability in all conditions
  • TYM T503 Manual Diff Lock
  • Rear axle with diff-lock for difficult traction situations
  • 4WD and the diff -lock provides better traction, control and performance
  • 4WD mode is controlled by a lever on the left hand side of the operator
  • TYM T503 Turning Brakes
  • Inboard wet disc brakes can be split for indpendent left and right side braking to assist turning in tight situations. NOTE CANOPY AND MULCHER NOT INCLUDED.

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