The Used Tractors for Sale Second Hand in NSW That Redefine “2nd Hand”

If you were asked to picture a second hand vehicle - whether a car or a piece of farm equipment - there’s probably a few things that would come to mind. There might be missing pieces, chipped paint, and old models in your picture. One thing is sure though: what you’re picturing isn’t shiny and beautiful. We all carry around these preconceived notions about what different buying experiences should be. The problem is, when it comes to 2nd hand tractors for sale in NSW, this image could be preventing you from finding a deal on a solid piece of equipment.

It’s no longer true that “2nd hand” means 2nd rate. As more farmers realise the savings they can make by going for a used option, a new kind of second hand dealer has come onto the scene, offering high quality equipment rebuilt to its former glory. These aren’t machines that are going to break down as soon as you get them home. Instead, Tractors North have used careful selection and high service standards to change the market for second hand farm equipment.

High Quality Used Tractors for Sale in NSW

As a family of farmers, we know the challenges that come with trying to find adequate equipment at a reasonable price. We started learning about these machines to find good deals and quality service for ourselves. Now that we’ve found what works, we want to share this experience with other small farmers across NSW. Our personalised and reliable service model brings a bit of personality into the buying process and ensures that you’re getting a high-quality vehicle we’d be happy to use ourselves.

It all starts with strong brands, and we’re proud to feature the Japanese-made Kubota tractors that farmers have come to rely on across Australia. Crafted for tight spaces and harsh conditions, these are brands that last and will continue to serve you well for many years to come. Then we treat each machine to a detailed survey and rebuild it, repairing, and replacing parts wherever needed. We know these tractors inside out, and by the time the finished product is ready to sell, it can be hard to distinguish our products from new ones.

Why These Second Hand Tractors for Sale in NSW Will Surprise You

You’ll find nothing like that sad, peeling object you imagine at the Tractors North warehouse. Instead, the machines we have on display are solid and impressive. We put a lot of care into every repair job, and that means you can access high quality machinery for a much lower price than you’d find buying new.

The friendly service you’ll receive from our sales team and support staff is perhaps the most surprising of all. As big impersonal distributors have become the norm, we’ve resisted the trend and remained committed to a one-on-one sales model that makes it inevitable we’ll find the right machine for you. This commitment even extends to aftermarket service and support. Whatever you need, we’ll be on hand to get it fixed quickly. Now that’s not really what you pictured when you thought about resale machinery, right?