Tractors North to Offer Tumosan Tractors for Sale in Australia

Tractors North is proud to announce that, going forward, we’ll be offering Tumosan Tractors for sale in Australia. We recently became the official Australian distributor for this well-regarded tractor brand and are excited to bring their high-quality products and equipment to the Australian market.

About Tumosan Tractors

Tumosan Tractors is a Turkey-based company founded in 1976. The very first manufacturer of diesel engines in Turkey, Tumosan began as an affiliate of the automobile manufacturer Fiat. The company’s earliest diesel engines and tractors were manufactured in a licensing agreement with Fiat. When that contract ended in the late 1980s, Tumosan took the spotlight on its own, manufacturing new and existing tractor models under its own brand name.

Tumosan Tractors is known today for tractors that offer a huge price advantage over many comparable pieces of equipment currently on the market. Businesses typically gravitate to the Tumosan brand because of affordability—at least at first. As these companies start using Tumosan equipment, though, they are charmed by their performance. Tractors from Tumosan offer power, dynamic performance, reliability, and attractive aesthetic designs.

The standard features available on Tumosan-brand tractors also tend to catch the eye of businesses that need machines that can do real, hard work. Hydraulic pickup hitches, front-end loaders and other attachments, wet brakes, two-speed PTO and radial tyres are all standard on tractors from Tumosan. These tractors also offer fuel economy that is among the best in the industry—a factor that can deliver even more savings on top of the initial price bargain.

Another important point to recognise is the continued similarity between tractors from Tumosan and tractors from Fiat. Since Fiat and Tumosan were essentially the same brand until the late 80s, their tractors are still comparable. As a result, even though Tumosan is new to Australia, finding spare parts to maintain these tractors should not be difficult, given the presence of Fiat tractors throughout the country.

Simply put, Tractors North is pleased to bring Tumosan Tractors to Australia. We believe that many of our existing customers will be thrilled about the quality, performance and pricing of these machines, and expect them to be common allies for agriculture, contracting, commercial work and other demanding projects.

Discover the New Tumosan Range at Tractors North

Are you interested in exploring the new Tumosan tractors for sale at Tractors North? We would love the opportunity to show off the models we now have in stock from this storied brand. Our selection of tractors range from 60 horsepower to 115 HP. We are marketing them primarily to the larger broadacre farming community, but know they are suitable for commercial use and contracting as well.

If you need assistance in choosing the right tractor for your purposes, feel free to get in touch with Tractors North directly. We’ll walk you through the Tumosan range and recommend the tractor model(s) that best suit your needs.

Farmers and contractors familiar with these fine European made tractors will be happy to have Tumosan Tractors in Australia at last. At Tractors North, we’re proud to be the business bringing the Tumosan legacy down under.