2nd Hand Behind the Scenes: Explore Second Hand and Used Tractors in Australia

Have you ever wondered what goes into sourcing, trading, and rebuilding the used and second hand tractors that power farms across Australia? In an industry where reliable machinery can be the difference between a prosperous year and frustrating stagnation, the market for used and rebuilt machines plays a considerable role in providing this important equipment.

For small local farms, the ability to buy 2nd hand tractors in Australia is crucial to keeping down operational costs and maintaining the small margins that keep a farm like that going. Hobbyists and traditional farmers face many challenges in the modern world of agribusiness. With many dealers in farm machinery focused on selling to the big operations that dominate the market, finding quality second hand dealers with a small-scale approach is difficult - but not impossible.

What Does the Market for Second Hand Tractors Look Like in Australia

In Australia, 2nd hand sales make up a large part of the market. There are several reasons to opt for a rebuilt machine instead of a new one. In addition to a lower price point, this option attracts DIY minded farmers as well since older models are often easier to service yourself. With less complicated designs and fewer features, there’s less to worry about breaking in the first place. Some just appreciate classic models for their aesthetic or historical value. With a small acreage farm, giving up some of the fancier features on a new tractor isn’t much of a loss. You’ll just have to look out for issues such as fuel efficiency, which can degrade over time or suffer from outdated components.

While there are fewer options than the range you’ll find among new machines; there’s still plenty available in the second hand tractor market. You can even find high quality imported models from brands such as AG Chief and Kubota. Once you know where to look, you’ll be surprised how many different ways you can go when buying a rebuilt tractor.

Who Sells Used Tractors in Australia

When it comes to refurbished equipment, small and local sellers tend to dominate the market. While these small shops can be great if you have one nearby and are often integral parts of the communities they operate in, they come with limited inventories and potential understaffing issues. If you’re not already nearby, getting out to see, test, and buy machinery from one of these small dealers can be difficult as well.

There are some bigger players in this field, however, and Tractors North is among the most trusted in this space. Well-situated as something between a big importer and a local family business, Tractors North focuses on bringing high quality rebuilt options to small farmers at a reasonable price. While we still take a friendly community approach to business, with personalised service plans and in-depth consultations before you buy, we’ve also curated an extensive collection of equipment that rivals most other second hand dealers.

No matter what you’re looking for, our wide-ranging inventory is a great place to start. We’ve been in the industry for many years and treat the tractors we offer as a matter of pride. After all, if there’s one thing we share with other used tractor dealers, it’s an appreciation for the farming community around us, and a passionate approach to these vital machines.