Why Buy Second Hand? Just Look at These Used and 2nd Hand Tractors for Sale in QLD

If you need a tractor, whether something small for a hobby farm or something heftier for your rural business, you might think that buying a new machine is the way to go. After you see the second hand tractors we have for sale in QLD, and beyond though, you might rethink that notion. The equipment we stock at Tractors North is specially selected to serve a variety of farming needs and to provide you with quality options at a reasonable price point.

We’ve spent the past decade getting to know these machines and rebuilding farm equipment up to top quality standards. That means you can get a reliable and efficient piece of equipment without needing to buy something brand new. The used tractors you’ll find at Tractors North are dependable and represent some of the best brands in farming today. Brands such as AG Chief and Kubota that you know will stand up to whatever work you have laid out for them.

The best thing about working with such well-made machines in the first place is that we’re able to rebuild them to quite high standards since the material and basic structure stands up so well to the test of time.

Used Tractors for Sale in QLD Come with Backup Service

Even these great pieces of machinery, however, come with some risk and wear. Which is why the 2nd hand equipment we sell comes along with reliable and speedy backup service. This way, if anything does go wrong with the unit you’ve bought, we’ll be on the scene in no time to get it in working order again. Since we rebuilt these second hand machines ourselves, we’ll know exactly where to start, and we are happy to share the experience we’ve gathered over the years about these powerful machines.

When you buy new, you’ll likely be getting a unit from a manufacturer or a retailer who won’t be nearly as attentive or familiar with the kind of service that even new machines sometimes need. By buying second hand, you’re choosing to buy from people who really know this equipment and will be there to help you with it whenever issues come up.

Get Delivery and Set up Too

We’re here for you because we understand what it’s like to live and work on a farm. We want to make sure you get what you need and are set up with your tractor as quickly as possible. That means that delivery - and on-site training and set-up - are included when you buy 2nd hand. If you want to see the 2nd hand tractors we have for sale in QLD, we’ll even come out and do a demonstration for you, so you know exactly what you’re going to get.

A new machine can seem like the sensible option at first, but with a knowledgeable staff, more dedicated service, and a lower price point, there are many reasons to consider buying used. You may be surprised by how many great options to find!